What to bring

  • Please dress in white clothes. It is best to wear warm layers. Please take care to cover the shoulders and belly. (make sure also your blankets, pillows, or shawl or also light colored. Please don't bring anything in strong colors such as red or black.)
  • We do provide meditation chairs but sometimes not enough for everyone. (Optional) Bring a back-jack or something comfortable to sit on just in case.
  • Yoga mat and/or comfortable warm blanket to cover the floor beneath your seat
  • Warm shawl or blanket (bring 2 or 3 blankets just in case since we don't always have enough extra blankets for everyone)
  • Warm sleepers or socks

Please bring these items and leave them in your car until we close the circle:

  • A change of clothes just in case
  • Towel (we are not providing any towels)
  • Sleeping bags/ blankets and pillows
  • (Optional) Bring a cup, bowl and eating utensils for our Breakfast meal