A week before please start to avoid:

  • Pork or red meat

  • Alcohol or drugs

  • Prescription and over-the counter medications, unless discussed previously with the organizer. (Please pay extra attention to this as serious contradictions pose a risk for those who choose to disregard this advice)

  • Most importantly anti-depressive medication. (Some need at least 4-6 weeks off)

Three days before and three days after - Go easy or avoid:

  • Unsettling foods (salty, sugary, spicy, greasy, and so on)

  • Fermented Foods (such as wine, soy sauce, sauerkraut, tofu)

  • Any food that is over-ripe (bananas, avocados)

  • Dairy products

  • Avoid sugary/artificial drinks, coffee, refined sugars

  • It is good to abstain from sexual relationships for at least three days before and after the ceremony if you don’t have a monogamous, committed relationship.

Day of: 

  • Drink plenty of water and teas, NO sugary/artificial drinks/caffeine.

  • Silence your mind, be with yourself, do some yoga or meditation so you can hear your higher self and have a harmonious ceremony.

  • Have a healthy breakfast and a vegetarian lunch. (We do not recommend fasting the day of ceremony) Unless that is your preference and you have experience with fasting, it is better to come with energy, strength and rested for staying up most of the night.

  • Come well rested for ceremony.

  • Avoid wearing any perfumes or artificial scents

  • Please be on time.