Ilumina Coração provides a sacred space that awaken the best in the human spirit, inspire sharing and harmony, rejuvenate the body and soul, connecting with nature and creating community. This tradition has it's roots in Brazil, and the Brazilian Amazon. Expanded by those who came before us, elders and visionaries of these traditions that continue to evolve and change. Ilumina Coração offers an opportunity to deepen our connection to these ways, and ourselves through music, celebration, ritual, prayer. Self-reflective, meditative and transformative spiritual work. We cultivate this with much love, care, deep studies, happiness, devotion, respect, and being together in circle. 

We strongly encourage and inspire those who participate to connect with the music, finding your voice, singing from a series of songbooks with selections containing beautiful songs from many traditions and Forest lines, Brazilian folkloric music, childrens music and Afro-Brazilian traditional songs. Here we can study, and share our music in a sacred space.